random script dump
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Von Random 652b984561 some refactor 4 years ago
LICENSE initial commit 8 years ago
README.md initial commit 8 years ago
autostart cleanup + autostart skeleton update 5 years ago
base256.py replace int-to-ip4 and ip4-to-int with base256 single script that detects what we want from it automatically 6 years ago
compton_toggle somewhat broken compton toggle fixed 5 years ago
dmenu_displays improve dmenu_displays to enforce specific mode as well (fuck EDID!) 4 years ago
dmenu_pass make pass dmenu_pass less hardcoded + provide an alternative for gvim in the form of terminal+vim 6 years ago
dmenu_ssh xscreensaver-companion and a small fix to dmenu_ssh 5 years ago
eyewatch.py there is no need to explicitly pass sys.argv to argparse... embarrassing 4 years ago
flac-to-mp3.zsh initial commit 8 years ago
lock-screen back to mykblayouts from vscripts 5 years ago
lowercase.lua initial commit 8 years ago
mykblayouts because I can patch the xkeyboard-config 5 years ago
noisegen some cleanup and various script changes 5 years ago
print256colours.sh slightly optimize print256colours 4 years ago
punycode.py there is no need to explicitly pass sys.argv to argparse... embarrassing 4 years ago
seconds-to-hr.py seconds-to-hr as a script as well 7 years ago
simpler.pl test post receive hook + link the original script I have copied 7 years ago
termcolors termcolors rename 4 years ago
termcompat replace ssh-compat with termcompat as a more versatile tool 4 years ago
touchpad-toggle some refactor 4 years ago
truecolortest.awk gief nvim back in tvim, also prettier truecolortest.awk 4 years ago
tvim actually, fallback only to xterm 4 years ago
tweechat a couple of new scripts and fixes, fix for keyboard layouts on lock screen 5 years ago
vimwiki get rid of nvim for now 4 years ago
xscreensaver-companion numlockx befor screen locking + some var name fix for vimwiki 5 years ago



Some of my scripts. Different languages, different purposes, different quality of code. If you happen to use any of them and have a suggestion for improvements, I'll gladly accept them via e-mail.