105 Commits (master)

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  Von Random ce5e581b14 rofi_multicmd: multicmd - rofi version 1 week ago
  Von Random c64ce4e553 tmux_ssh: a nice way to initiate an ssh sessin in tmux 1 week ago
  Von Random d0ff7713dc termcolors: prepare for more features, like changing bg, fg and bold colors 2 months ago
  Von Random c11c250a5e termcolors: refactor, separate config, yaml dependency 2 months ago
  Von Random 8d27b64fdb tvim: get rid of nvim; mykblayouts: get rid of ducky layouts; compton_toggle: disable fade effects 2 months ago
  Von Random 6c3e745835 dmenu_multicmd: some cleanup and config example 3 months ago
  Von Random 6c778f9d1a dmenu_multicmd: a smarter replacement for dmenu_displays 3 months ago
  Von Random 30b50a204a now with more argument support 3 months ago
  Von Random 178c5ba3a1 d'oh 3 months ago
  Von Random 652b984561 some refactor 3 months ago
  Von Random 8e4fd74604 oops, return instead of exit 3 months ago
  Von Random 8dd33d4937 some dark magic for touchpad control 3 months ago
  Von Random 8c4aaaff92 improve dmenu_displays to enforce specific mode as well (fuck EDID!) 4 months ago
  Von Random 75da38d8d8 slightly optimize print256colours 4 months ago
  Von Random e8ed1dc0e2 dmenu_displays to restrict wallpaper less 4 months ago
  Von Random 9a184dd062 termcolors rename 4 months ago
  Von Random 39e7ef504c termcolours refactor 4 months ago
  Von Random 1856014398 replace ssh-compat with termcompat as a more versatile tool 11 months ago
  Von Random 761780524c actually, fallback only to xterm 11 months ago
  Von Random 17b05cd777 default-terminal-emulator for tvim 11 months ago
  Von Random 90c59f9b21 gief nvim back in tvim, also prettier truecolortest.awk 11 months ago
  Von Random b4dfe38b15 get rid of nvim for now 11 months ago
  Von Random 7c21d2da5c fix vimwiki command order; fix window class for tvim 11 months ago
  Von Random 3e89680a0b completely new tvim and reworked vimwiki 11 months ago
  Von Random 0a79858b42 new gen of vimwiki script 11 months ago
  Von Random f76327e42a also print first 16 colors in proper rows 11 months ago
  Von Random 4e765611f7 print 8 should be written in white as well, print256colours 11 months ago
  Von Random 161f665bae slightly more efficient 11 months ago
  Von Random bf8d42b465 ssh-compat script; bash is horrifying, but beautiful 11 months ago
  Von Random b2d4543bc6 new vimwiki scripts 1 year ago
  Von Random 676f0bce31 tvim improve scripting 1 year ago
  Von Random b794ce3b0b fix some shell scripting, remove st from this repo (just compile it locally, mkay?) 1 year ago
  Von Random 63c9908af2 st version bump, more flexibility for dmenu_displays 1 year ago
  Von Random 43652ce5e4 there is no need to explicitly pass sys.argv to argparse... embarrassing 1 year ago
  Von Random d16f5490bd because I can patch the xkeyboard-config 1 year ago
  Von Random 69ce90c5ff numlockx befor screen locking + some var name fix for vimwiki 1 year ago
  Von Random 710a9fb71e another st update 1 year ago
  Von Random a0d222883f Revert "vimwiki and tvim to use st" 1 year ago
  Von Random 3248780f33 vimwiki and tvim to use st 1 year ago
  Von Random db9188b2aa another new st build 1 year ago
  Von Random 044044ad28 new st build 1 year ago
  Von Random bca8ee86a3 somewhat broken compton toggle fixed 1 year ago
  Von Random 8546396fd9 avoid hardcoding the script path for xscreensaver-companion 1 year ago
  Von Random 6bc06170d5 xscreensaver-companion and a small fix to dmenu_ssh 1 year ago
  Von Random 09631ca385 ctrl:nocaps fix 1 year ago
  Von Random e22922e6b5 mykblayouts fix 1 year ago
  Von Random aee496b072 some cleanup and various script changes 1 year ago
  Von Random f4c0a09da2 back to mykblayouts from vscripts 1 year ago
  Von Random 7e3d61b14f a more universal approach to keyboard layout switching in mykblayouts 1 year ago
  Von Random 7e7087c8bb I probably want to use ducky_mini on pc without ducky_mini 2 years ago