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user: quake3
cmd: /opt/ioquake3/ioq3ded.x86_64
exec: /home/quake3/.q3a/baseq3/autoexec.cfg
# names just identifiers, feel free to mix
# map types as you see fit
# the only required option here is maps,
# everything else is optional
maps: [
q3dm2, q3dm3, q3dm4, q3dm5, q3dm6,
q3dm7, q3dm8, q3dm9, q3dm10, q3dm11
# any supported var can be set from here
# vars is optional, defaults to these:
fraglimit: 15
timelimit: 5
maps: [
q3dm1, q3dm2, pro-q3dm6, pro-q3dm13,
q3tourney1, q3tourney3, q3tourney5, q3tourney6,
pro-q3tourney2, pro-q3tourney4
fraglimit: 15
timelimit: 5
maps: [ q3dm6 ]
# mods can be used as well
fs_game: cpma
fraglimit: 15
timelimit: 15
# defining bots here is optional, defaults
# are already defined in the script
bot_level: 3
bot_names: [
anarki, angel, crash, doom, hunter,
klesk, major, mynx, orbb, slash, xaero