26 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Von Random 3c7e1f5451 signify: update to the latest master revision 1 year ago
  Von Random 84474e9268 colors: enable solarized_italics 1 year ago
  Von Random 56ee52afba update submodules 1 year ago
  Von Random 34aecf5be1 solarized8: add back, solarized16: remove 1 year ago
  Von Random 8df5e773a9 get rid of vim-tru-typewriter, the patch has finally been accepted 1 year ago
  Von Random 1fe9fc07ba opts: do not force disable mouse, terminal already defaults to it 1 year ago
  Von Random 94a9fee96f update plugins, slightly modify some settings, append archlinux defaults to my config 1 year ago
  Von Random 20348a5552 no point in checking version: pack does not work in older versions 1 year ago
  Von Random d11a32d7cb split config to separate files 1 year ago
  Von Random ab6158f37f modernize, get rid of comments, add gui specific config 1 year ago
  Von Random eaf87af350 fuck it 1 year ago
  Von Random 62e2f66d8d Revert "make signify look better in solarized16" 1 year ago
  Von Random 0268216448 make signify look better in solarized16 1 year ago
  Von Random 8363f85710 update readme 1 year ago
  Von Random 777b049c3e some themes shuffled around 2 years ago
  Von Random 2984367db4 update solarized16 theme 2 years ago
  Von Random a85858440b set versions for plugins where possible, updated most of them 2 years ago
  Von Random a714f1ba4a another move to force loading whatever was LOCAL first, also upper case dir name was ugly 2 years ago
  Von Random a2dc6bf326 move LOCAL plugins, including init.vim, to a normal plugin directory instead of after-directory 2 years ago
  Von Random 051a9fb5c2 actually make mouse_toggle.vim work 2 years ago
  Von Random d8ffcb2c0b yep, that again 2 years ago
  Von Random ce493c2634 update solarized16 2 years ago
  Von Random 02beffab15 update submodules 2 years ago
  Von Random bcec79f5c1 small readme fix 2 years ago
  Von Random fe17f10174 actually add submodules 2 years ago
  Von Random 5bc9bf3f72 initial commit 2 years ago