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  Von Random d824345ba1 plugins: improve readability, move to str().format() in many places pirms 1 mēnesi
  Von Random bd549b0cc9 plugins, vdstatus: massive plugin overhaul, conf: some formatting pirms 1 mēnesi
  Von Random 9902696f1f vdstatus: replace deprecated yaml.load() with yaml.safe_load() call pirms 2 mēnešiem
  Von Random c3700821af gitignore: ignore plugins/custom*.py, because some stuff has to be hard coded pirms 2 mēnešiem
  Von Random 5e6519a51e filecat plugin: a simple plugin to read file contents pirms 3 mēnešiem
  Von Random 151c94c5f3 vdstatus, plugins: some refactoring and better usage of dict() methods; rename fga to fortune and make uri configurable pirms 5 mēnešiem
  Von Random 7459d29c68 pacman plugin: not so much pacman anymore, but line counter; still defaults to pacman though pirms 5 mēnešiem
  Von Random de6888a5d2 load plugin: get rid of list comprehension altogether pirms 5 mēnešiem
  Von Random 0e0466d16e vdstatus: proper utf-8 output in json pirms 5 mēnešiem
  Von Random 579e0d0069 mem plugin: update formatting as well pirms 5 mēnešiem
  Von Random dac9efdd42 load plugin: formatting update, less frequent queries pirms 5 mēnešiem
  Von Random 26313c0564 completely remove global hide_ok to avoid ambiguity pirms 5 mēnešiem
  Von Random 261847493e add dependencies to the readme pirms 5 mēnešiem
  Von Random e783b5c86e remove todo for fga, add support for hide_ok in mem pirms 5 mēnešiem
  Von Random b163eb516e some cleanup pirms 5 mēnešiem
  Von Random c70a4549cb some more sensible defaults, get rid of todo pirms 5 mēnešiem
  Von Random 46f3d778af move config to yaml, json is atrocious pirms 5 mēnešiem
  Von Random ba862efad9 fix pacman plugin to properly parse command output pirms 5 mēnešiem
  Von Random e33bf61a30 fix and simplify pacman.py pirms 6 mēnešiem
  Von Random 6fc4d3176d replace an ugly hack with a proper subprocess.Popen() in the pacman plugin pirms 7 mēnešiem
  Von Random 27160d61bd reverse retry condition pirms 9 mēnešiem
  Von Random c6a995caee retry for fga plugin pirms 9 mēnešiem
  Von Random 05f83d818b fucking-great-advice added pirms 9 mēnešiem
  Von Random 412f2de6b7 there is no need to explicitly pass sys.argv to argparse... embarrassing pirms 1 gada
  Von Random 9cd7b68967 a bit of refactoring, now batt and pacman plugins have more options pirms 1 gada
  Von Random 5e17aca8e2 use json instead of ini: less readable, easier to work with pirms 1 gada
  Von Random f5c49008ec add pytz to the mix, so that we can display time for specific time zones (totally optional dependency) pirms 1 gada
  Von Random e84936b3f8 a quick and very ugly fix for pacman -Qu pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 4834c25da4 add hide_ok option support both globally (precedence) and per plugin, true by default pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 31ece2995a use a proper tool to check for updates pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random d921f17f1c update notification should be urgent pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 47d9cf14dc remove unused modules pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random c39132ab59 add pacman plugin to monitor the number of available updates pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 5616f4d575 move plugins.common only class into plugins module pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 0495bc2d79 get rid of thread_id and useless logic it used pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random bb9658d053 yay, found out about Thread.daemon lol, also more oop and less code duplication pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 240fff91ee a bit more OOP pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 49d14d410a some primitive exit handling, still have to do something about waiting till the longest freq value is reached pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 9db9a935d4 hiding load average in ok status is now optional pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random d2ded008d2 enable unbuffered print instead of using shebang pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 75beff2610 fix battery status staying urgent after being charged pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 9e971469b4 load average as well pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random cc402b0e23 disk check to auto hide as well pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 68f268d7c2 replace colors with urgency status + add means to hide unimportant measures; TODO: configurabilty of hiding pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 16706a5d5f oops, fix one symbol missing pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 24d9df968e style fix + TODO list pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random b1d44b5582 fix config.get -> config.getint pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random b839f9f114 disk and load plugins, freq option support for all plugins pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random 2016033f39 get rid of vdstatus.py as a module since we will not have to write separate scripts pirms 2 gadiem
  Von Random f7b4eaefa7 rename the executable pirms 2 gadiem