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# Typical plugin properties:
# - name: plugin name (always required, all other properties are optional)
# note that a plugin can be used more than once (i.e. different
# timezones in the date plugin)
# - title: title representation on the panel
# - hide_ok: false to force display value even if it is below problem threshold
# - problem: a threshold value to make a value urgent and / or display
# the value on the panel
output_format: i3
- name: ping
title: NET
hide_ok: false
- name: disk
partition: /
problem: 80
hide_ok: false
- name: disk
partition: /home
problem: 90
- name: mem
- name: load
- name: batt
- name: date
format: '%a %d %H:%M'
- name: date
title: UTC
tz: UTC
format: '%H:%M'