my localhost configuration
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Von Random 0be5424a85 i3: back to dmenu, rofi takes too long to start 4 週之前 Readme update on colors 5 年之前
bashrc more sleek colorize() for bashrc 6 月之前
dunstrc dunst fix, switch to xscreensaver and proper support for the whole git repo tree 2 年之前
i3_config i3: back to dmenu, rofi takes too long to start 4 週之前
inputrc inputrc for bash, yay no more bells and case-insensitive autocompletion 4 年之前
openbox_rc.xml config update 5 月之前
screenrc additional escape key for screenrc for nesting 1 年之前
tmux.conf Revert "tmux: revert older format for compatibility with older tmux versions", apparently my config is way too modern anyways 1 月之前
xresources i3_config, xresources: rofi tweaks; tmux: use termcompat instead of specified $TERM value 1 月之前
zshrc zsh: disable prompt git info via a file flag 1 月之前


My very own dotfiles repository, now public.

Terminal related stuff is configured to look well in Solarized themed terminals. Default terminal colors may and will look ugly. You have been warned!

Solarized is pretty cool, you can check it out here: