97 Commits (master)

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  Von Random ea9ede6627 bashrc, zshrc: some syntax altered; tmux.conf, xresources: some tweaks; vimplugrc: get rid of some plugins, bring back gvim 3 weeks ago
  Von Random 8ed77f7db4 i3_config: cleanup, font; xresources: some tweaks; zshrc: fix which in functions 5 months ago
  Von Random 2274d523aa bashrc, zshrc: new prompt; xresources: back to terminus 1 year ago
  Von Random 13dc4b614f meh 1 year ago
  Von Random 11f4b34bff zshrc: still experimenting with prompt; xresources: provide dpi via xrandr instead; kitty: fix colors and fonts 1 year ago
  Von Random e55a5e3de0 mostly accomodate for higher dpi; zshrc: some weird experiment 1 year ago
  Von Random 4830b1d6cd dunstrc: bitmap fonts no longer work in gtk; xresources: xft 96 dpi, default hotkey for copy / paste in urxvt 1 year ago
  Von Random 161b17109b i3_config, xresources: rofi tweaks; tmux: use termcompat instead of specified $TERM value 1 year ago
  Von Random 098b3d3c2b xresources, i3_config: migrate from dmenu to rofi 1 year ago
  Von Random 8d039d371f xresources: new keymaps for urxvt 1 year ago
  Von Random 15c001b039 i3_config: make java floating; xresources: make xterm always use config; gvimrc: get rid of it entirely 1 year ago
  Von Random 8c91c25f53 Xresources: more xterm tweaks 1 year ago
  Von Random ee864f0e46 Xresources: now with moar color links and xterm 1 year ago
  Von Random ebc2516411 higher dpi for text, more openbox settings 2 years ago
  Von Random 794109fff2 urxvt is back 2 years ago
  Von Random 56f45d3efc remove collision from variable names and font name for xresources 2 years ago
  Von Random 0e5d4de778 new vimplugins and return urxvt uri underlining 3 years ago
  Von Random 1a5b658b7f zsh_gitstatus location and some xresources tweaks 3 years ago
  Von Random cdf2d64b7c xscreensaver font fix 3 years ago
  Von Random cddad6825c remove the S-/C- Insert for clipboard in urxvt + move some vim 8 specific options to the respective section 3 years ago
  Von Random 148b7c7794 apparently, urxvt-perls are no longer needed, alongside any perls really 3 years ago
  Von Random 5f5a11137d some cleanup and no more fading for urxvt 3 years ago
  Von Random 16a72b9ab6 multiple tweaks, for better or worse 3 years ago
  Von Random 3e13b86d38 some commented out settings for urxvt 3 years ago
  Von Random 5764ab5dc0 pointerBlank for urxvt 3 years ago
  Von Random 6c0028a6cf more fooling around with fonts 3 years ago
  Von Random c707c52d77 Revert "embrace the fact that rxvt-unicode-256color is not available in the curses package on centos" 3 years ago
  Von Random ba95166189 embrace the fact that rxvt-unicode-256color is not available in the curses package on centos 3 years ago
  Von Random 7dbc3bc64c slight correction to terminus definition in xresources 3 years ago
  Von Random daccbcce21 experiments over for now, some cleanup, take 2 3 years ago
  Von Random e63d0056df back to terminus, also most xterm terminals actually support truecolor, not only termite 3 years ago
  Von Random b3c798208c some truetype goodnes for the terminal 3 years ago
  Von Random e241e573ea some very small tweaks, including newly discovered less +F 3 years ago
  Von Random 1ae2ceacba finally done with ubuntu patches for font rendering, back to hintslight with newer fontconfig 4 years ago
  Von Random 0a6b7936c7 some vim cleanup 4 years ago
  Von Random 2ce8a01e8c switch hinting to full and enable vim-specific cyrillic, god bless habr 4 years ago
  Von Random f885b54da4 rofi is back, let us give it another chance 4 years ago
  Von Random da90e27633 config cleanup, add tmux aliases only when tmux is present 4 years ago
  Von Random 3ca6317912 return iceberg and intensitystyles 4 years ago
  Von Random 0713aeefca disable is for urxvt, more compact vimrc 4 years ago
  Von Random 5420c42ee0 fix for solarized8 as well as some vimrc tweaks, now with more iceberg 4 years ago
  Von Random df52c23252 why bother, I usually know where most of the windows on my i3wm are 4 years ago
  Von Random a871f4fa19 rofi is back as a window switcher 4 years ago
  Von Random 26abcc5746 away with rofi, dmenu matches way better 4 years ago
  Von Random 23535e6876 theme for rofi 4 years ago
  Von Random a81530c0c5 dmenu -> rofi, i3_status will be local until I can make it use a config and vimperator is back 4 years ago
  Von Random 4483be3bbb centos has no sympathy for rxvt-unicode-256color, gotta work around it 4 years ago
  Von Random ccece3739b intensity stiles should be enabled I guess 4 years ago
  Von Random 91a55321d1 terminal tweaks 4 years ago
  Von Random c03bd3292d back to solarized light 4 years ago