678 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Von Random bbc84b2770 tmux: recolor 1 hour ago
  Von Random 8d039d371f xresources: new keymaps for urxvt 1 hour ago
  Von Random f59b3da515 tmux: remove prefix e for now 3 days ago
  Von Random 15c001b039 i3_config: make java floating; xresources: make xterm always use config; gvimrc: get rid of it entirely 3 days ago
  Von Random 8c91c25f53 Xresources: more xterm tweaks 2 weeks ago
  Von Random ee864f0e46 Xresources: now with moar color links and xterm 2 weeks ago
  Von Random 9bd30506f3 get rid of the vim alias, does more harm than good 1 month ago
  Von Random ffeb3fb2a1 aliases, ducky_mini, gxkb, termite: cleanup 1 month ago
  Von Random bce20a27b5 i3: force firefox windows to only spawn on workspace 1 1 month ago
  Von Random 2d9b84fefb i3: use $HOME variable, also xrdb is run by autostart anyways 1 month ago
  Von Random 0756d1a4fe config update 1 month ago
  Von Random 4f41ee1df8 disable some useless keybinds and add a panel 1 month ago
  Von Random ebc2516411 higher dpi for text, more openbox settings 1 month ago
  Von Random 413f256513 move tray to primary screen 1 month ago
  Von Random 785d651d5a actually get rid of cool, but unnecessary arrow 1 month ago
  Von Random 281096d521 moar i3 config cleanup 1 month ago
  Von Random c30a838c73 make 6 always floatng 2 months ago
  Von Random fab6d4545a some hotkey fixes for openbox 2 months ago
  Von Random 6c78bef604 welcome back, openbox and effing xml :< 2 months ago
  Von Random c410a8a0a2 more sleek colorize() for bashrc 2 months ago
  Von Random 422cfdd6f4 some bashrc tweaks 2 months ago
  Von Random 366200d3e8 a better way to deal with git prompt 2 months ago
  Von Random 8ffaf95b9d a better way to tell bash from zsh 2 months ago
  Von Random f5044bdda8 use a fancy unicode symbol for git status 2 months ago
  Von Random 49a728356e better test, replace local with typeset 2 months ago
  Von Random 82c1e621dd avoid printing anything in git status until git status is properly finished 2 months ago
  Von Random c1bf1d5af2 do not spawn more than one git status for current shell 2 months ago
  Von Random ef69979a0d make git status no locking, so that we can work with repos right away 2 months ago
  Von Random 9130793a39 some shell tweaks, til about edit-command-line, also my terminals and tmux are properly configured now 2 months ago
  Von Random b100aa0dde some features to aliases, some cosmetic shit 5 months ago
  Von Random 75b7a97314 vim alias is back 9 months ago
  Von Random 8f1bc0ff9b gitmodules no longer needed 9 months ago
  Von Random c4cf326f79 cleanup vim config 9 months ago
  Von Random 68493b342d move vimrc to vim-pack as an after-plugin 9 months ago
  Von Random becada2d07 some maps modified for vimrc 9 months ago
  Von Random dee2369e10 more compatible ssh via dmenu_ssh 9 months ago
  Von Random ce84d3aa68 rely on termcompat script instead of declaring tcmp in shellrc 9 months ago
  Von Random f6d19db338 re-added original solarized authors names as well as removed comments; also apprentice theme 9 months ago
  Von Random 6245ef86ce update vim pack submodules 9 months ago
  Von Random 34fe028259 remove ugly $prompt_nl var from zshrc 9 months ago
  Von Random 22420e49e9 tmux hotkeys back 9 months ago
  Von Random 04518454d6 solarized16 modification 9 months ago
  Von Random 186fc97c30 vimrc tweaks, and my custom solarized8 (with more trimming to come) 9 months ago
  Von Random 94b52e8204 tmux magic, pane resize hotkeys 9 months ago
  Von Random 1452afde3a some bash config improvements 9 months ago
  Von Random 34c198c306 TIL there is a termcap named screen.xterm-new 9 months ago
  Von Random 1b0679a10c more neovim support 9 months ago
  Von Random 3d80bb469d up-to-date bashrc, fix zshrc 9 months ago
  Von Random 0a87a30e45 some cleanup, vim is back as well as st 9 months ago
  Von Random 5e6c4b6caa tcmp function 9 months ago