11 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Von Random dfdad97cae add clipboard related patch, fix filenames 2 weeks ago
  Von Random 13e612e8a7 fix boxdraw patch file name 2 weeks ago
  Von Random b63af87e4c add readme, return and update boxdraw, improve latency 2 weeks ago
  Von Random 39d5aae8fb avoid boxdraw patch for now 2 months ago
  Von Random 8542f353ca make defaultbd by default different from defaultfg 2 months ago
  Von Random 93798d398e set -x for makest as well as proper default make action 2 months ago
  Von Random 67480edd29 update boxdraw patch for the new makefile changes 2 months ago
  Von Random 192e80bff1 rename makest, it is not in bash anyways 2 months ago
  Von Random a7aed49cf3 do make install by default 3 months ago
  Von Random 77f186c3c6 some cleanup 3 months ago
  Von Random 143bbcc77e initial commit with a set of patches I plan to keep and maintain 3 months ago