A small collection of pkgbuilds I did not deem worthy of publishing on aur and maintaining.
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Von Random 8517f06020 update xkeyboard-config il y a 1 mois
cfengine fix deps, bump vers il y a 3 mois
rxvt-unicode-cvs add rxvt-unicode-cvs to the collection il y a 1 mois
rxvt-unicode-cvs-opt rxvt-unicode-cvs with dynamic version il y a 3 mois
terminus-font-patched terminus 4.47 il y a 2 mois
xkeyboard-config-ducky update xkeyboard-config il y a 1 mois
.gitignore ignore pkg files il y a 2 mois
README.md some cleanup, readme update il y a 1 mois



As an arch linux user, I’m supposed to have my own collection of pkgbuilds. Seems appropriate, right?


I just need this shiet. Don’t ask why.


Two packages to build from CVS with some patches applied:

  • rxvt-unicode-cvs compiles with the default prefix of /usr.
  • rxvt-unicode-cvs-opt compiles with its own prefix within /opt.


The beautiful Terminus Font with my preferred set of patches applied.


A patched version of xkeyboard-config that emulates my layout for Ducky Mini keyboard on other keyboards.