38 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Von Random c24b73e6a8 terminus-font-patched: improve boxdraw patch with additional symbols 3 months ago
  Von Random 75f93dcae9 terminus-font-patched: boxdraw patch 3 months ago
  Von Random 41a81e4898 rxvt-unicode-cvs-opt: get rid of it 4 months ago
  Von Random 424d6ebfe8 rxvt-unicode-cvs: replace tc termcap with rgb, also reorganize patch application 4 months ago
  Von Random 7a69be2485 rxvt-unicode-cvs: move Tc to rxvt-unicode capabilities 4 months ago
  Von Random 63e4a840c2 do not manage ctrl-caps remapping 4 months ago
  Von Random 8517f06020 update xkeyboard-config 6 months ago
  Von Random 70fcbfc3ae some cleanup, readme update 6 months ago
  Von Random 092249670d add rxvt-unicode-cvs to the collection 6 months ago
  Von Random 338a8c41d0 ignore pkg files 7 months ago
  Von Random b9cbf29eb9 terminus 4.47 7 months ago
  Von Random 52db33e2d9 rxvt-unicode-cvs with dynamic version 8 months ago
  Von Random 75e69f5101 fix deps, bump vers 8 months ago
  Von Random f135718c9d bump versions, fix patches 9 months ago
  Von Random 6a16d46e5e make audacious for both gtk2 and qt5, because I can has both 1 year ago
  Von Random d025a7935b rxvt-unicode-cvs-opt with some patches from rxvt-unicode-patched 1 year ago
  Von Random aa5ae9e46c rxvt-unicode with 24 bit colors cleanup 1 year ago
  Von Random f7a4380ef0 actually, name that package differently, so a random update does not break things 1 year ago
  Von Random e955982998 add patched xkeyboard-layout because I want an icon with the language flag in my tray :< 1 year ago
  Von Random 6a8c41d05c rxvt-unicode-cvs with sgr patch 1 year ago
  Von Random b82dd2c5b1 fix build 1 year ago
  Von Random d1022352c0 Add rxvt-unicode-sgr; proper mouse reporting 1 year ago
  Von Random 6b4a64a07a terminus-font-patched version bump to 4.46 1 year ago
  Von Random 4c98e49d03 bump rxvt-unicode version, enable pixbuf 2 years ago
  Von Random 39bfb0b569 rxvt-unicode with 24bit color support added, readme fixed 2 years ago
  Von Random 0d1f113ddd irrelevant stuff cleanup 2 years ago
  Von Random d5b3a73440 add cairo-ubuntu that works with older freetype2 2 years ago
  Von Random a26ef7eb64 backup freetype2-ubuntu cuz it seems like it is going to get dropped 2 years ago
  Von Random 8e6c8d460a add lib32-freetype2-ubuntu since there is none in aur 3 years ago
  Von Random 5c5e572ef9 cfengine of teh specific version 3 years ago
  Von Random 1ef57d9049 small fixes 3 years ago
  Von Random 327d86ffc6 update readme and get rid of awesome pkgbuild: the changes are upstream. Also make terminus-font-patched more like terminus-font for ease of updates to follow 3 years ago
  Von Random a4e80a313e nvidia-358 is needed since 361 breaks civ5 3 years ago
  Von Random b6c336a574 awesome wm needs to properly support vte-based terminal moving 3 years ago
  Von Random 88903badb1 added terminus-font-patched pkgbuild because it is better than using compressed custom version of the fonts in dotfiles dir 4 years ago
  Von Random 2805106940 version bump 4 years ago
  Von Random 50b49662f9 small readme changes 4 years ago
  Von Random bfe1d25cd6 initial commit 4 years ago